Big Plastic is messing with you and your beautiful body.

In case you didn't know, only 10% of plastics get recycled. The rest ends up as physical waste and chemicals in our environment.

These chemicals known as "endocrine disruptors', leach out into the air, water... and most importantly our bodies, causing us to feel fatigued, foggy, and fat.

Endocrine disruptors confuse and imbalance your body's hormones.

Their effects keep us from achieving our peak performance and the worst part is, you are probably using these products DAILY without even knowing it.

Working out wasn't enough.

I wasn't losing weight and I got tired of feeling, well... tired. I did some research and found that a few common products were sabotaging my success in the gym, office, and bedroom.

So I kicked Big Plastic to the curb and made a few simple switches.

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