On a mission to achieve peak performance.

Cynthia Hill


Spartan Racing Coach (Phil. 4:13), Ms. Galaxy, Miss Fitness U.S.A., IFBB Pro and Personal Trainer. She's transformed thousands of lives over the past 25 years.

Colton Sampson


(LHP/OF) Baseball player for the Phillies 2024 Scout Team. He is dedicated to excellence both on and off the field and is a highly lauded Bloodline Sports recruit.

Nick Trevino


Nick Trevino is a hard-working and high-sprited personal trainer based in Orange County. Nick blends his extensive knowledge of personal training with techniques from muay thai. His mission is to inspire and uplift others, creating an environment where individuality is celebrated and where each person feels valued and empowered.

Christa Arroyo

"I am an all around athlete and love to stay active. I played collegiate indoor and beach volleyball, and basketball. After college, I transitioned to Muay Thai Kickboxing and have been in love ever since. I’ve trained and competed for about five years as an amateur fighter and look forward to adding more knowledge and experience under my belt. I am also currently a full-time personal trainer and coach for a bootcamp and fight lab gym in Anaheim called The OC LAB. They have become my gym family, and I am who I am because of their endless love and support."

Nicole Marquez


Elite Powerlifter. Nicole, a powerhouse of determination, is reshaping the powerlifting landscape as a trailblazing young woman. Leading CSU Fullerton's powerlifting club, she epitomizes resilience and breaks gender barriers—inspiring all with her unyielding spirit.

Camden Goforth


(OL/DL) Football Player. Named by Deuce Recruiting as a name to know on national level. He is attending camps at Auburn and UT Chattanooga in summer 2023. At 6’3.5” 273 lbs, this Bloodline Sports recruit is a force to be reckoned with.

Power Couple Fitness


Briana and Yohance lead by example. They encourage sustainable, lifelong fitness powered by discipline, mindset, and nutrition. They’ve built a vibrant coaching community and offer resources and support that fosters motivation and accountability. They hope to inspire others to achieve their health and fitness goals by sharing their fitness journey.

Vanessa Corona


Vanessa is fearlessly breaking barriers in the male-dominated world of boxing, driven by an unyielding passion for the sport. Her determination to excel not only in the ring but also as a mental health and mindset advocate has made her a powerful force, inspiring others to conquer their own challenges with resilience and grace.

Caleb Turner


(DL/OL) Football Player. This Bloodline Recruit proudly demands excellence from his education and his performance on the field. What sets Caleb apart is his ability to balance his sport with academic excellence. Despite the rigorous demands of athletics he maintains a stellar GPA.



Muay Thai fighter Ahmad stands as a true powerhouse. With five world championships under his belt, he is placed among the elite on a global scale. His astounding 19 national championships highlight not only his talent but also his enduring dominance within his home country as well. His success is a testament to relentless training, mental fortitude, and an unwavering passion for the art of Muay Thai.

Nile Hesson


Baseball player Nile Hesson has made waves at Cerro Coso and now commands the pitcher's mound for the Northern State University wolves at just 20 years old. With a whopping 18 years of baseball experience starting from the age of three, Niles dedication to the sport is undeniably impressive.

Mark Gonzales


Meet baseball player Mark Gonzales. For Mark baseball isn't just a game—it's a lifelong passion. The joy of playing isn't solely about the sport itself; it's about the relationships made with fellow players and coaches. With every inning played and every pitch thrown, this player enjoys both the game and the bonds cultivated on and off the field.

Chris Hansen


Chris Hansen has been in the professional fighting scene for 5 years for the past five years showcasing his prowess in MMA, K1 kickboxing, and Muay Thai. His tenure as a coach in strength training spans a remarkable decade—fueled by a passion for helping people break their personal records. When Chris is not in the gym, you'll find him indulging in tactical training, shooting, riding motorcycles.

James Barranca


James Barranca is driven by an unwavering work ethic. His core belief centers around authenticity and self-acceptance, and he actively encourages others to embrace their true selves in every facet of life. Their guiding principle, "People will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel," underscores his dedication to leaving a positive impact on everyone he encounters.

Cameron Melvin


(LB/DE/RB) Football Player. The 5-foot-11, 225-pounder from Cleveland High School is scheduled to be at NC State, Notre Dame, Michigan, North Carolina, Duke and Penn State for camps during summer 2023. This Bloodline Sports recruit has a bright future ahead of him.

Madie Buntain


Madie Buntain is a dedicated and lifelong softball player, having started her journey in the sport at the age of four and transitioning to travel softball at eight. She aspires to continue her athletic career in college. Beyond her athletic pursuits, Madie enjoys shopping, swimming, and outdoor activities.

The Spread Good Squad


The Spread Good Squad is a lifestyle brand that creates feel good content, clothing, and their podcast, which highlights how people spread good in their own ways. Led by Brodi Nicholas and his cohost Nick Ordonez, The Spread Good Squad base their conversations on celebrating life, making people laugh, giving back, and diving deep into how other creatives and thought leaders find success.

Mike Hansen


"Being a father of three and fighting professionally for 13 years in MMA isn't easy but it's worth it." Mike grew up wrestling and kickboxing and fell in love with the competition and satisfaction from the hard work it takes. He recently made his professional boxing debut at the age of 34 and plans on fighting till the end of time.