Have you ever heard of Dry January? Dry January is a sober movement that encourages people to abstain from alcohol for an entire month.
The premise is simple: taking one month off from drinking can provide many benefits in the short- and long-term, including lowered stress levels, improved sleep quality, better overall health, and increased sobriety.
Participants may find that they have more energy and even more money in their pockets. Dry January will give you a chance to assess your drinking habits, take control of your relationship with alcohol, and remind yourself that living sober can be full of joy.
To help stay hydrated during this time, B-12 injected Acid Rain Water can give you an added nutritional boost – Vitamin B-12 itself helps support sober mood levels and contribute to overall good health. B-12 is an essential vitamin and injecting it into the water makes for an easy way to consume this valuable nutrient!
Whether you're participating in the full thirty-day challenge or just want to get serious about your sobriety journey, water like Acid Rain Water is sure to be invaluable as your sober companion!


Keep It Clean and Happy New Year,

The Acid Rain Water Team

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